The Flavours

The Sponge

Tastes differ, an old phrase , but very true. That´s why we offer a wide variety of flavours for our sponges. For our cupcakes and cakes we use 8 different flavours. That usually provides for everyones likings. But if you do have a special request, we will gladly try to fulfill it!

The flavours we offer are:

 Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Strawberry, Coffee, Coconut, Almond,
Orange, Lime and Carrot Cake.
 Peach and Peanutbutter are only for cupcakes.

The Filling

Our cakes come filled with Swiss cream and jam.
You can choose from strawberry, raspberry, cherry, apricot jam
or lemon curd.

Cupcakes can also be filled with a squirt of jam or chocolate,
which will provide for a pleasant enhancement of the cupcake.

The Topping

The standard cover of our cakes consist of butter cream and fondant, except when stated otherwise. Decorations can be made from fondant or sugar, depending on your wishes.

The cupcakes are decorated with a flat fondant topping or with butter cream.
The butter cream we use is a nice Swiss cream, which is less sweet than the traditional cream made with icing sugar. As an alternative we can also make a meringue, which is made without butter and therefor stays bright white.

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