Ordering with Jayne’s Cupcakes is all about what you wish for your party. You can decide what topping you would like and what flavor is your favorite. The cupcakes shown on this site are an example of what we can do for you, but ultimately you can design your own cupcakes.

Please note we only deliver in Zuid-Limburg!

Check our “Kalender” to see if your date is still free!


Below are the basic guideline prices. Some designs will need a special quote.

Regular cupcakes are sold per dozen for €18,-.
Cupcakes with special decorations are sold per dozen from €21,-.

The pushcakes are sold for €2,50 with a sticker or €2,25 without a sticker.
Minimum order is 12 pieces, above that orders go per 6.

Round        10cm
Round        15cm
Round        18cm
Round        20cm
Round        22,5cm
Round        25cm
Square       20cm
Square       25cm
Hexagonal  25cm

Tiered Cakes:
Round      20+15cm
Round      25+20cm
Round    25+20+15cm
Square     25+20cm

Smash Cake     15cm
Smash Cake     20cm
Boobs Cake   2x15cm
Tea Pot            16cm
Princess Cake    17cm
Princess Cake    14cm
Extra tier         20cm

(2-4 p)
(6-8 p)
(8-10 p)
(10-12 p)
(12-14 p)
(14-16 p)
(14-16 p)
(18-20 p)
(14-16 p)

(18-20 p)
(24-28 p)
(32-36 p)
(32-36 p)

(12-14 p)
(6 p)
(10-12 p)




(combination only)
(combination only)

(combination only)
(combination only)

(incl. pick-doll)
(incl. pick-doll)

Carrot Cake is €0,50 per person extra.
Cake 10 or 15cm only combination with another order.
Smash Cake only in combination with another cake or with cupcakes.

The 20+12,5cm tiered chocolate cake is €50,-.
An extra picture on your cake from €7,50.
2D/3D cartoon figure on your cake from €8,-.

Within most of the Parkstad Limburg* area delivery is free (see bottom of page for postcodes).
Outside Parkstad delivery charges apply: area Sittard-Geleen, Valkenburg, Gulpen, Vaals is €3,50. Area Meerssen, Margraten, Maastricht is €6,50.
Outside Southern-Limburg ask for a quote.
Orders over €70,- delivery will be free of charges within Zuid-Limburg.

White display stands can be rented for €5,- plus a €30,- refundable deposit.
Acrylic display stands can be rented for €5,- plus a €50,- refundable deposit.

When you have made your choice there are two ways of ordering: online, or by phone.
This can be done, considering the time it takes for a money transfer, up to five days to the event (note that during the holiday season it can be very busy, therefor place your order well in advance before we are fully booked).
Your payment should be received at least 5 days before the event.

Ordering through the internet:
-By e-mail:
 Send an e-mail (in either English or Dutch) to
 info@jaynescupcakes.nl with your name, address,
 phone number, date of delivery and your choice
 of cupcakes or cakes.
 You will then get a confirmation e-mail from us
 with attached a detailed invoice in PDF format.
 The invoice will also provide you with the necessary
 bank details.
 If you don’t get our confirmation e-mail within
 24 hours, please contact us by phone.

If you don’t have Acrobat® Reader® to open PDF files, you can download it
directly from their site by clicking the button below.
(uncheck the checkbox for the additional free software, like McAfee,
if you don’t want to download this)

Ordering by phone:
-Call us in person on 045-5421989.
 Place your order and you will then get a confirmation
 e-mail from us with attached a detailed invoice (PDF).
 The invoice will also provide you with the necessary
 bank details.

We only deliver to the Southern-Limburg area.
All orders will be delivered to your door at a pre arranged time on the day agreed. Orders within the Parkstad Limburg (Nuth and Onderbanken not included) area are free of delivery charges, outside Parkstad charges will apply (see Pricing).
We deliver all year round except on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and Easter.

*Parkstad Limburg postcodes for free delivery:
6367-6374, 6400-6422, 6430-6433, 6440-6446, 6451, 6460-6471.

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